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I am trying to get Notepad++ to recognize PSP (Python Server Pages) files. I've got it to recognize Python (by adding PSP to the ext= section), however it doesn't seem to understand that Python is only within the <% %> and <%= %> sections.

I want it to parse HTML, CSS, Javascript and possibly even PHP (though if I am using PSP, I'd probably stick with that) as well, showing all the colors, etc, that would normally be associated with it.

How do I go about that?

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I think you accidentally hit post before you where finished writing your questi – Scott Chamberlain May 11 '12 at 20:39
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I think you're going to need to tell it to use the ASP language/lexer. I'm not sure that a user-defined language (see the NPP Wiki and the documentation) will work due to the dual- (triple-?) mode (HTML vs. PHP/ASP/PSP vs. JS) issues. You may need to add your own custom keywords, or modify the ASP entry in langs.xml (buried in AppData or Application Data in your user directory) to use the Python keywords instead of ASP.

Looking at the "Built-In Languages" info for PHP, etc., it appears that there may be some support for Python (with a typo), but it's noted in a spot where you can put JS/VBS/Python for execution within the browser (and yes, IE DID support VB-based scripting - I've seen at least one web app that used it).

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