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I use "Activity Monitor" in a background window to keep an eye on the memory use of each programme and resource use.

I am frustrated that the network/CPU/disk activity graphs are tiny and can only be seen one-at-a-time.

Is there an alternative to Activity Monitor that will show me the same information in a more useful way?

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I've been using iStat Menus (worked better for me than MenuMeters)

But I've recently seen Processes which can monitor active network connections and open files... pretty neat. More searching also revealed atMonitor, but I've not read too much about that one.

For myself I'm pretty interested in the bundle currently available from Metakine which includes both Processes and Hands Off! which looked good. (I've previously used Little Snitch).

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PS: As an aside, you can do a lot on the command-line... using commands like top vm-stat and (my favorite) lsof. – Marius Sep 10 '12 at 14:11
We have used both Little Snitch and Hands Off!, switched over to Hands Off! 30 April 2012 for the domain based blocking feature. Now 9 months, 317 Apps and 4920 rules later the HandsOffDaemon is consuming 641,9MB out of 4GB of physical memory and mDNSResponder is crashing 4 till 6 times a day on the plug in /Library/Handsoff/dns_preload.dylib. – Pro Backup Jan 22 '13 at 20:38

MenuMeters is probably the most popular alternative.

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If you're comfortable with the terminal, there's always 'top'.

Another approach might be to set up GeekTool.

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