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I've installed Vim and Git to C:\Program Files (x86)\(vim|git) respectively.

When I run Vim from Git Bash, it runs the internal version of Vim that came with the Git installer. Is there a way to override this behavior that doesn't involve changing my .profile or .bashrc or the like so that I can run the version of Vim that I installed in Program Files?


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By default Git runs vim from Git\bin\vim. This is actually a script that contains path to the executable itself:

exec /share/vim/vim73/vim "$@"

Therefore you can edit this file to point to your Git location.

The default editor can be overridden in Git\etc\gitconfig:

editor = path_to_your_editor
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Assuming that changing content of C:\Program Files (x86)\{vim,git} is possible you have at least these two options depending on value of your %PATH% environment variable:

  1. If you have C:\Program Files (x86)\vim\vim73 in your %PATH% you can just remove vim binary that was installed with Git. For this to work Vim should be run as vim and not by a full path.

  2. You probably have your Program Files (x86) directory on a NTFS volume, so you can remove Vim executable installed by Git and make a symbolic link to real Vim executable.

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