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I always thought this was possible but after searching around a little bit all the articles that even come close are using OSes pre Windows 7 and OSX 10.7 (Lion). I tried just connecting them with a FireWire cable and Windows just reported the MacBook as an unknown device.

Has anyone got this working?

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Looks like Microsoft dropped "1394" networking with Vista (maybe even with XP-SP3). The feature is still in Lion though. ubCore drivers advertise this feature, but in my brief search I only saw claims they did not work.

If it's a one-off, you might be able to boot Linux on the PC to get it to talk to the Mac.

You might have better luck with direct-connect Ethernet with a crossover cable (or maybe the adapters for the computers will do auto-crossover with a regular cable).

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A crossover cable isn't needed with Mac ethernet ports (unless it's a really old model > 6 years or so). – Simbamangu May 12 '12 at 15:00

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