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Present System (see below at ) State:
Old SSD = ~60GB OCZ Vertex 2 (A) New SSD = ~120GB Samsung 830 (B), presently "overprovisioned" (for speed/longevity) leaving ~100GB effective available storage.
Win7 Pro 64-bit installation successfully cloned from A to B. Until [B contents>A capacity], A was used to Clone B (for speedy backup purposes).
Now, however, I have put in place alternative backup (RAID & NAS, as below
)--since drive A contents (>65GB) no longer "fit" on drive B.
Drive A is now "clean" and available to extend the capacity of Drive B.

Here's what I'm proposing to do now (pending advice) toward my subject goal:

Use the Disk Spanning facility of Win7's Disk Management utility more or less as follows--

  1. RESERVE ("overprovision") ~40GB of the new 120GB Samsung, Drive B (i.e., by using Samsung's included utility), leaving ~80GB effective storage (i.e., as seen by the OS).

  2. SPAN the overprovisioned ("shrunk" storage) Samsung 830, Drive B (as is, not reformatted--using Win7's Disk Management Utility) to "overflow" onto the older, smaller OCZ Vertex, Drive A. (i.e., Drive B remains as my C: drive).

Expected (desired) Results: New effective storage of ~80GB (at Samsung speed) + ~40GB (from conservatively used, not maxed out 60GB Vertex) = ~120GB TOTAL adequately buffered, long-lived SSD storage (i.e., about the effect I might have were I able to use the entire capacity of the newer 120GB Samsung 830 alone).

Drive A (slower, older, smaller OCZ) won't "kick in" or impose its speed penalties (prob. unnoticeable in use) until the (artificially but explicitly imposed) ~80GB capacity of the Samsung has been exceeded.

Editor and Reader comments, refinements, alternatives, caveats would be appreciated. Are my understandings correct? What have I gotten wrong?

N.B. While I'm aware of Win7's available explicit user control of mount points, junctions, etc., I do not want to edit the registry or do a fresh install of Windows to accomplish redirection of directories, large files, etc. for the purpose of using both SSDs to enlarge my effective storage pool and optimize efficiency/longevity of the SSD hardware.

*Environment: i7-920, 3.2GHz OC on Gigabyte GA-X58A-UD5 (flashed to F7 BIOS).
Cooler Master Hyper 212 w. 2 PWM Fans (Akasa "Apache" 120mm) mounted.
12GB (6x2) CL6 DDR3 @ 1600 & 1.5V
Win 7 Pro, 64-bit MSI 5770 Radeon "HAWK" on PCIEXx16(2) Sapphire 7750 Radeon on PCIEXx16(1)4 1TB 7200 Hitachi HDs providing 3TB on ext. USB 3 Raid. 1TB NAS HD.
(Occasionally--Win8 Preview or Ubuntu latest LTS as Guest OS under VMWare Workstation on Win7, as above.)

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