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I've been trying to setup some sort of configuration on my laptop , so I'd be able to connect to a server using SSH , directly , which i have indirect access to , i've found a great configuration here : so sofar i've made this configuration :

Host terzo , gw02, ipsec

ProxyCommand ssh zenoss nc -w 10 %h %p

but i want to be able to ssh to forinstance zenipsec , and it'd directly go through zenoss

I'm hoping to create something like this :

Host zen*

ProxyCommand ssh zenoss nc -w 10 %h `echo %h | cut -f2-100 -dn`

i guess the last part `echo %h | cut -f2-100 -dn` , doesn't work . can anyone help ?

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A useful configuration which I use is this:

Host *%*
    ProxyCommand ssh $(echo %h | cut -d%% -f2-) nc $(echo %h | cut -d%% -f1) %p

It allows you to setup arbitrary hops by separating the hosts with the % sign. For example, ssh zenipsec%zenoss would hop through zenoss to get to zenipsec.

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You are telling netcat to use zenipsec as host and ipsec as port. The following should be correct:

nc -w 10 `echo %h | cut -f2-100 -dn` %p

A much cleaner way to do this is to write a script that acts as a ProxyCommand; for example, ~/bin/proxycommand-zen

exec ssh zenoss nc -w 10 ${host#zen} $port
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