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Is there a keyboard shortcut to directly go to first/last worksheet in Microsoft Excel without cycling through all with Ctrl+PgUp/PgDn?

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In Excel 2013, hold down ctrl when clicking the arrow buttons to scroll to the first/last sheet. I'm not sure about previous versions of Excel.

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Just to clarify, the answer below. Hold Ctrl and click the "next worksheet" arrow icon on the screen, or "previous worksheet" arrow icon. Not the arrow keys on the keyboard. So no short-cut key I can find unfortunately. – user374439 Oct 2 '14 at 7:47

But if you're up for inserting your own VBA, these two macro will do this. Insert these into a standard code module (Ctrl-F11 to open the editor, then Insert > Module)

Sub JumpFirst()
End Sub

Sub JumpLast()
End Sub

Then close the editor. Then on the Developer tab, click Macros and click on one of these new macros, click on OPTIONS and set hotkey you want to use. Repeat with the other macro.

Now you have to hotkeys to jump to first and last.

If the VBAProject you insert the module in the PERSONAL.XLS workbook, then these macros would be available at all times in all workbooks.

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As of Excel 2010 there is no direct shortcut for jumping to the first/last worksheet:

An alternative method would be to use the Go To dialog box. Hit F5 and enter:




This will move your selection to cell A1 in sheet named Sheet2.

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