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I have an HP g62 laptop with Windows 7.

It has some very anoying quick launch keys on the left. These keys open the calculator, printing, web browsing. As they are on the left of the keyboard, I keep accidentally pressing them.

How can I disable them?

Thank you, regards,

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2 Answers

Most are stored in the registry

If you look in the registry for


you will find numbered keys under "appkey"

these are where some of your quicklaunch keys are. (Internet and calc keys should be 7 and 18 respectively.

The mediasmart key is in a different location


you can either change what program launches with those keys or delete the default program associated with each specific key to render it inoperable, the email key cannot be disabled as far as I know. I would back up those registry keys before making any changes.

Source of Information

There is also software to remap the HP quicklaunch keys, not sure how well it works on the G62

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I tried the various registry hacks and bios settings. Nothing worked except for painter's tape.

enter image description here

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