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I'm running Windows 7 RC x64 on my new computer, and my sound card does not remember settings.

Every time I reboot, I have to go back into the Audio Console and set everything back to where I want it, as it defaults to it's super defaults.

Relevant specs:

  • Windows 7 RC x64
  • Asus P5N72-T Premium Mobo w/ latest drivers
  • eVGA Nvidia 295 w/ latest drivers
  • Auzentech X-Fi prelude w/ Daniel_k drivers (Creative Labs ones didn't allow me to do anything, like change modes, or even set to 5.1)

Anybody experience this or know what's up? It's not a huge problem, but really annoying.

I do remember trying this originally with the Creative Labs drivers, and the same problem occurred.

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Well at least I got the Tumbleweed badge... – Daniel Huckstep Jul 23 '09 at 1:04
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Upgrading my drivers to the what Auzentech had for the latest fixed this.

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