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My Problem

Yesterday I set up a new Samsung T24A350 for my PC. The monitor has a build-in TV receiver and a remote control.

Unfortunately I also have a Samsung TV and whenever I use the monitors remote or my Logitech Harmony both the TV and the monitor turn on, switch channels, chang volume and so.

My Question

Is there a way to change the IR codes of the remote control or disable the remote for the monitor?

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A low tech solution for your problem:

Cover the IR receiver on the monitor with black electrical tape.

Alternatively, put tape on the remote IR transmitter and cut out a very small strip. This way it will work with whichever device you point it towards. (never tried this IRL)

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Already done that, not with tape, but the receiver is covered. ;-) – cringe May 13 '12 at 16:30

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