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I want to remove data from multiple cells in a spreadsheet using Excel 2010, so I only have the email address left.

They are in the current format:

M: 04545 545 545 e: h: 01187 475 454

Is there any easy way to do this?


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If its a one off, just use Find/Replace in two steps

Replace M:* e:  with nothing (note the space on the end)
Replace  h: * with nothing (note the leading space)

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You don't have space in any of email id(I doubt you will.)


Use a feature called text to columns in data tab excel(2007/10).

Use "Space" as custom delimiter.(It is pretty self-explanatory and shows you a preview as well).

That will get all the email addresses in single call and rest of the data in other columns. Then just delete the un-needed columns...

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  • The A column contains the data (otherwise change the references in the below formula)
  • All cells in question contain the text e: before and h: after the e-mail


  • In a new column, create a formula that extracts the e-mail
  • If warranted, copy/paste the new column using Paste Values and remove the original columns


=MID(A1;FIND("e: ";A1)+3;FIND("h: ";A1)-FIND("e: ";A1)-4

MID retrieves a substring of the original cell using a start index and a specified number of characters. FIND is used to get the index of the e: and h: markers.

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