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How do I activate spell checking on input text fields by default in Opera? Spelling is checked automatically for text areas but for single-line input fields it only appears as an option in the context menu.

I am an ex-user of Firefox that has recently migrated to Opera Next (12.00 beta 64-bit Linux edition) and would like to make this available.

Is there a configuration option, or perhaps an add-on, that will enable single-line spell checking on all pages by default?

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According to

For single line text fields, spell checking is not automatic, but you can enable it by right-clicking the field and checking Check spelling in the context menu.

If you want to spellcheck single-line textboxes, you could set the spellcheck attribute to true.

I have created a user JS that enforces the spellcheck attribute to true automatically.

Enable spellcheck:

Installing user JS:

  1. Create a folder for storing user JS files.
  2. Go to the user JS on GitHub > Right click on "raw" > Save Linked Content As... > Save the JS file to your user JS folder.
  3. Opera > Settings > Preferences... > Advanced > Content > JavaScript Options... > Under "User JavaScript folder", select "Choose..." > Select the folder > OK > OK > OK.
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This does indeed enforce the spell check attribute. However, spell checking is still not enabled by default due to the resetting of what dictionary to use. I thank you for your effort, though. I thought this would work. – Dymatic Jul 24 '12 at 15:56

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