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I want to rar and extract folder(of my wordpress site) in the host machine using FileZilla ? Is it possible with FileZilla ? If not what you will suggest ? I dont have SSH access.

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Maybe you should precise what kind of access you have, what's your client machine and what's the host machine. Do you have an account on this server ? If so are you really sure you don't have a ssh access ? –  dystroy Apr 13 '12 at 17:24
Host is wpengine.com and mine is windows . I dont have ssh . –  Narek Musakhanyan Apr 13 '12 at 17:26
And yes now I am working on that server's files . –  Narek Musakhanyan Apr 13 '12 at 17:29

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The wording of your question is not clear, so I am assuming you want the the files transferred to and from your wordpress site to be compressed.

It looks like there is not a standard FTP compression algorithm ("Unfortunately, there is no one standard FTP file compression method; there are HUNDREDS"). You could contact wpengine.com to see if their FTP server supports a compression algorithm, but I would not get my hopes up.

When you use a company like wpengine.com you get the advantage of a low cost, easy to use and maintain system, but lose the ability to run custom code. As a result you options are limited to what tools they give you. If their FTP server supports compression then you could get a compatable client and use the compression in the site. If you can run custom code on their server then you could get a program which would do the rar compression/extraction for you. Otherwise you will have to upload/download the full size files.

If you need an easy way to transfer files between computers there are other services for this (like yousendit).

As a side note, the FileZilla FTP server does support compression but it looks like you would need the ability to configure the server (which is not possible with most hosts).

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FileZilla cannot do this. It only allows you to execute FTP command (even with SFTP, which uses SSH).

There are two options:

  • There is some kind of WPEngine.com specific interface that lets you do this.

  • You need some kind of remote desktop or shell access (SSH, VNC, etc.) that allows you to execute custom commands.

If none of the above applies, you cannot rar files.

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All computers (including smart phones) may use ssh.

On Windows you may transfer files with WinSCP, which works a little like the Windows File Explorer (or Norton Commander if you're old enough to have known that).

You could use putty to uncompress on the host but it's simpler to simply transfer your folder and let WinSCP handle all the file copies.

Of course you'll need a login and a password.

If I didn't understand and it's the server that doesn't offer ssh, why not simply send the uncompressed folder with filezilla ? Filezilla is good at that.

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Since it huge ... And how do I rar folder using filezilla ? –  Narek Musakhanyan Apr 13 '12 at 17:36
Filezilla cannot rar. It's not its job. The problem won't be with the rar making (winrar does it on windows) but the unrar : you'd need to log on the server to do that. So I suggest you simply send the uncompressed folder. –  dystroy Apr 13 '12 at 17:39

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