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I'm trying to do this simple thing on windows but it always fail and i think that the cause is that it's not looking in the PATH variable, how should i do?

IF EXIST lessc.cmd (
    lessc --yui-compress bootstrap.less > ../css/bootstrap.min.css
) ELSE (
    echo Error: lessc not found. Install Node.js then: npm install -g less
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Your Windows version probably has where.exe:

where /q lessc || (
    echo Errrrror.
    goto :eof

lessc --yui-compress bootstrap.less > ../css/bootstrap.min.css

The || operator works like in Linux sh; its opposite is &&.

For older versions:

  set "comm=%~$PATH:1"
  goto :eof

Whenever you call it with call :havecomm lessc, it will set %comm% to its full path, or empty if not found.

If you don't know the exact extension and want to check all possibilities, the longer version will work:

  set comm=
  if not "%~$PATH:1"=="" (
    set "comm=%~$PATH:1"
  ) else (
    for %%e in (%PATHEXT%) do (
      for %%i in (%1%%e) do (
        if not "%%~$PATH:i"=="" (
          set "comm=%%~$PATH:i"
          goto :eof
  goto :eof
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