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I've set up Firefox on Ubuntu to run in kiosk (full-screen) mode. This means the user can visit only the predefined URLs. That works fine.

Now I want to set up a second machine the same way, but I cannot remember how I set up the first one. Since I cannot access the menu or the address field, there's no easy way to lookup up the configuration.

Any ideas on how to get the first machine back to normal mode or to find out the Firefox extension or configuration option used?

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If you press F11 firefox will exit fullscreen/kiosk mode

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Not really. It only leaves fullscreen mode if has been enabled with F11. This is not the case. –  BetaRide May 16 '12 at 6:13
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After all I found that I can start Firefox in safe mode, which starts it with alle extensions switched off. This Mozilla knoledge base article describes how to do that for your os.

In safe mode I could see that the kiosk mode was done with the R-Kiosk add-on.

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