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There are few applications, that I have installed on almost every Windows 7 computer. This are applications such as:

  • Windows Live Gallery (Windows Live Essentials)
  • Picasa
  • anything, that comes out of the box with Windows 7

Which of those applications is able to rotate, in batch, all of the pictures in one folder based on EXIF information?

I know there are lots of applications, that can do exactly this, but does any of standard applications do that? Sometimes I cannot install anything new, and I'm using several different computers in different places.

Let me repeat - I want to turn pictures based on EXIF info, not ALL of them.

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Windows 7 has PowerShell installed by default, which can be used to script image editing thru either WIA (Windows Image Aquisition) or the .Net system drawing object. Here's a quick powershell script using the .Net method to rotate all the jpg's found in the current directory by 90 degrees clockwise.

dir *.jpg |
ForEach-Object {
  $image = [System.Drawing.image]::FromFile( $_ )

Rotation is limited by 90 degree increments, including image flipping orientation.

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This works great, but it is missing one important detail from the question: rotating the picture to the correct orientation based on EXIF metadata. – iglvzx May 15 '12 at 0:06
If the rotation operation is based on the requirement that the camera has the Orientation sensor available, and that all images have the EXIF orientation field set, then you can use the WIA library to check that attribute. Here's how to check if it exists and its value: if ($imageWIA.Properties.Exists("274")) { $imageWIA.Properties.Item("274").Value } Where the values are: $orientation = @{ 1 = "Horizontal"; 3 = "Rotate 180 degrees"; 6 = "Rotate 90 degrees clockwise" ; 8 = "Rotate 270 degrees clockwise" } Also need to load WIA reference and image into WIA. – jdh May 15 '12 at 3:36

Windows 7 - and possibly Windows Vista/XP - has this ability built in.

Just highlight the photos you want to rotate, right-click, and choose "rotate clockwise" or "rotate counter-clockwise."

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I am pretty certain there is no way to rotate images based on EXIF info using only standard apps that come with Windows. However I thought that for the benefit of others who might have less stringent requirements, I mention 2 other ways.

I would recommend XNView: (not XNViewMP) for JPEG lossless rotation (if you are ok with possibly losing a few pixels off the edges, as it is inherent limit of lossless jpeg operations): XNView

If you are not ok with losing any pixels on the edges, and/or want to save results in a different format, or want to perform additional manipulations in an intuitive way (XNView's batch processing is somewhat hard to use IMHO), I recommend Batch Image Resizer, which is a paid app: Batch Image Resizer

Disclaimer: I use both programs daily: XNView for viewing/organizing images, Batch Image Resizer for bulk image processing.

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