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I am using VLC 1.1.11

enter image description here

I have a movie with two subtitles, both UTF, one is movie.en.srt and other in movie.he.srt (Hebrew if you ask)

When I play the file: movie.avi, both subs: movie.en.srt and movie.he.srt load, and the default one that is shown is movie.en.srt

-track 1 and track 2 enter image description here

I would like to set that the he srt file will be displayed by default.

I tried to set the settings for the language but that's not helping. enter image description here

-- The solution can be either of 2:

  1. Have VLC play Track 2 by default
  2. Have VLC load the order of the SRT files in my preferred order.

Thank you

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i think VLC sorts the .srt files in alphabetical order. try to rename your files to movie.A.he.srt and movie.B.en.srt

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