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Does anyone know if there is a simple OS X app that can display real-time updates to git repositories?

Basically, I'm working on several repositories with multiple people, so normally I always have a Chrome tab open on auto-refresh in order to view the latest changes to the various repositories. But I do quite a bit of web browsing, so it's annoying always having to switch back to that tab whenever I want to see changes.

It would be nice if I could take advantage of the iMac's display resolution and have an app in the corner of the screen that displays real-time Git updates as they come in (or at the least, every few minutes or so). Sort of like an RSS or Twitter feed, I guess.

Anyone know of such a thing?

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Gitifier will show you growl notifications for new commits.

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I've been using free version of SmartSVN for SVN. Cross platform and relatively simple.

They have a product for Git as well that might work for you, SmartGit, which is free for non-commercial use.

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I haven't tried it, but this might be useful to you: Gitfeed

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