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Having some experience in ubuntu, I installed solaris 11g recently to work on WebLogic. I've downloaded wls1036_solaris32.bin file.

When I run ./wls1036_solaris32.bin in the terminal, I'm getting

bash: ./wls1036_solaris32.bin: Invalid argument

Please help me out.

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It appears you already got your answer in the other forum you posted your question to,

Don't use that. Solaris is 64 bit. The last 32 bit version of Solaris was 2.6 about 10 years ago. Use the generic wls1036_generic.jar installer instead.

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WTF? if that doesn't work why the hell they put it in the download list? Bandwidth doesn't come cheap in the place where I live :'( – bhargavg May 15 '12 at 13:09

32-bit programs still work fine in the latest Solaris. I have seen this kindof confusing error if the file is a SPARC binary trying to run on a system with an x86 chip, or vice versa.

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