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Can anyone recommend a program for Windows 7 than allows easy sorting of images manually? I've been using FSViewer (http://www.faststone.org/FSViewerDetail.htm) but I'd like to be able to just go through the images one by one and check them off as I go and then when I finish a folder move all of the images I checked at once. It's possible doing this with ctrl+click for multiple-select but if I mis-click I'll lose all the ones I've selected so far.

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If you do it by hand anyway, why don't you open the two folders (from, and into) and tile them. Press Win+Left keys on one, and press Win+Right keys on the other one. Then just drag n' drop smaller portions, or one-by-one.

There is also a tickbox in Windows, that you can enable, and maybe that will help too.
To enable them:
1) Open up the Start menu (orb on the lower-left).
2) Type: Folder options
3) Select "Use check boxes to select items"
4) Close the box with OK.

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Thanks, this is pretty close to what I wanted. –  Funkafied Jun 16 '12 at 7:06
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Picasa will do this, though it might not actually sort them into folders on your computer, but it will show them in chronological order, and is just a really cool program to look at and use.

Or you can try using Windows Live Photo Gallery.
(They are similar, yet they come from the two huge software vendor. Both are free, so feel free to check them out.)

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