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I'm trying to get my Amiga 2000 online with a serial cable connected to a PC running Windows XP. I'm following these instructions, which glance over how exactly to configure Internet Connection Sharing with SLIP.

As you can see, I'm sharing my wireless connection. I set up a new "Incoming" connection, listening on COM1. I don't know if that is necessary.

Internet Connection Sharing

I am certain my serial cable is functioning properly, because I have sent data to the Amiga with ADF Sender (

If anyone has successfully shared their network over a serial cable, whatever OS you used on your host box, please let me know. I haven't tried this with Linux, yet, but that is my next step. I just assumed it would be easier in Windows.

I set up a SLIP connection from Windows over my serial cable. Whenever I start to dial, then ping any address from the Amiga except (the Amiga's IP) the ping requests show up in the pre-dial terminal on Windows. They all fail with 100% packet loss.


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I found a thread on where people are discussing this very issue: – nnyby Sep 17 '09 at 8:52
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I got it working under Linux... This blog showed me how to get the serial connection set up on my PC, then I consulted some Gentoo documentation on setting up DNS and NAT.

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