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I had two partitions on my hard drive labeled as unknown in gParted that showed up out of nowhere. I use 3 OS's on my computer, Windows which I just recently deleted, Backtrack5, and Ubuntu 12.04 which I am running gParted on. I tried to delete both of the suspicious partitions assuming it was a rootkit or something similar I got from Windows but was only able to format one; the other refused both deletion and formatting. Can someone help me remove these partitions? Look at the partitions labeled "Unallocated" and "/dev/sda6". enter image description here

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Have you tried booting off a Live CD and trying to delete it from gparted there? – user3463 May 16 '12 at 7:35
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  • "unallocated" is not a partition, it is free space between partitions, hence you cannot delete it, only fill it with partitions :)
  • As for /dev/sda6, I would go with Randolph West's suggestion to try to delete it using a live CD, either using gparted, or using fdisk /dev/sda if that fails.
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