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I'm using the mouse to change zoom level to 100% and this annoys me because I use it a lot. Using zoom CTRL++ or CTRL+- and zooming with mouse (left click or wheel) almost never result in exactly 100% but rather 105%.

Does anyone have a keyboard shortcut or know how to create one?

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Odd thing: I can't get 100%. Trying to set it to 100% (even in the Percentage: box) results in 106% for me. So I'll assume 106% == 100%.

There's some keyboard shortcuts listed in the help document here:

Zoom in: AltF6
Zoom out: AltShiftF6
Fit to window: CtrlShiftW

They didn't document a zoom to 100% (actual size).

Noticing that CtrlShift turns my cursor into a magnifying glass, I started hitting random keys.

Zoom to 106% (100%? See below.): CtrlShiftI

Second odd thing: Ctrl+ and Ctrl- do absolutely nothing for me. In Firefox they zoom, with Ctrl0 being restore to normal size, but they do nothing for me in Visio 2010.

Apparently the 106% thing is a known bug related to the metric drawing templates. There's a workaround at that link, but you should be fine if you're using US templates.

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[CTRL]+[SHIFT]+[I] did the trick, thanks :). btw how do you get the images for keys you use in your answer? – rdkleine May 16 '12 at 11:41
@rdkleine Click the edit button under my answer and you can see the source - including the keys. Specifically, I'm using the <kbd> tag. – Bob May 16 '12 at 11:46

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