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Im using Fireworks CS5. I need to make a rectangle with rounded corners. There is a tool for this but I cant set the radius in pixels, which I need to do.

I think there is a way of doing this to a normal rectangle with the path tool, but I want this radius to be changeable to another exact value in the future. Thanks

UPDATE This video shows how to do it with the path tool. You can set a pixel value, but then I dont think you can edit this after except by manually adjusting the points by eye.

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I find it easier to use the regular vector rectangle tool (U) than the special rounded rectangles, for exactly this reason. With a regular rectangle, you can use two methods to round it:

  • Set the "Roundness" in pixels or percentage in the Properties panel.

Properties panel in FW

  • Or ungroup the rectangle into a path (Ctrl+Shift+G) and the use the Fillet Points command under the Path panel.

Path panel in FW

The Fillet method is probably more convenient if you're already working with paths (maybe you're making a complex path where you need to punch a rounded rectangle out of another shape), otherwise the first method is probably a bit faster. You can reverse the effects of Fillet with Sharpen Points, which is the button right next to it in the panel.

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the rounded corners tool works fine. You can change the size by clicking one of the yellow markers with "command shift" keys pressed.

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