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I want one excel work sheet to be sitting in a public folder of Dropbox, and I want this sheet to be an identical version of a sheet in a differrent workbook. Is there a way of making one sheet equal another sheet or do I need to do it cell by cell?

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You can use Move/Copy to clone the sheet to another workbook as a one-off copy, to get the formatting,

Then put for example =('C:\Files\[BookName.xlsx]SheetName'!A1) in A1, and drag that cell to the bottom-right corner of the sheet to clone the formulae over the page.

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  • Create a new blank workbook. Then, on original workbook, select all data that you want to duplicate. Copy same.
  • Select cell A1 in new workbook.
  • On the ribbon, select the Home tab. On the left hand side, under Paste, you will see a down arrow. Click it and select Paste link. Done!
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