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Skype saves sent chat messages into a SQLite database, but often I'm editing a given message for an extended period of time before sending. Crashes/accidents can happen, so I've taken to periodically copying important message to the clipboard via a clipboard utility program (ClipMate) that writes to disk right away. That's a clumsy solution, however, and it depends upon my remembering to do it.

I'd much prefer an autosave function that would work with programs that don't have one of their own, like Skype. Even if it's just writing to a simple text file somewhere.

The closest I've come to finding something like this is a program called Saver, but it depends upon a program having some kind of "save" hotkey in the first place, which Skype does not.

As for previous discussions of this (not specific to Skype, though), there's very little, basically coming down to a macro or a keylogger. I don't see how the former would work in an automated fashion, and the latter would just lead to a big mess, since all input from everything would jumble together.

Any ideas, short of moving to another program (I have too much history in Skype for this) or moving Microsoft to implement the feature (ain't gonna happen)? There may not be a practical solution.

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you could write your IMs in Notepad, then copy-paste to Skype when you've finished editing them – Nate Koppenhaver May 17 '12 at 1:56
Not Notepad alone (at least without something like Saver), but perhaps one of the freeware editors, or even Word, that does have autosave. Yes, that's a possibility if it turns out that there's no other way. – rseiler May 17 '12 at 22:08

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