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Is there a simple way to skip a certain upgrade in emerge -auvD world?

For example, currently there is a broken media-sound/teamspeak-server-bin-3.0.5-r1 marked as stable in the portage tree which breaks the whole upgrade since that package is the first one in the list. Of course I could simply mask this version using the package.mask file, but I'd prefer an environment variable or commandline switch to skip it only right now - it will probably be fixed soon anyway.

Note that I do not want to use emerge -auvD1 list of working packages (i.e. only updating the other packages by specifying all their names).

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Looks like the --exclude option does this:

--exclude ATOMS
A space separated list of package names or slot atoms. Emerge won't install any ebuild or binary package that matches any of the given package atoms.

So this did the job for me:

emerge -auvD --exclude=media-sound/teamspeak-server-bin world
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If you don't want to mask it you can use the --keep-going option. That makes the emerge reset its list and keep going, without the failed package in the list.

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