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Where does the HOME variable get set in RHEL6 (SL6.1)?

On one system all users get HOME set to /home/username/, i.e. with the trailing slash, which I don't want, so I need to remove it.

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That variable should be set from the corresponding field in /etc/passwd. You should clean that up in there.

# grep test /etc/passwd
# su - test -c 'echo $HOME'
# vi /etc/passwd
# grep test /etc/passwd
# su - test -c 'echo $HOME'

(You should probably use usermod to update /etc/passwd rather than editing it directly.)

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Correct! As it happens, we had some users input correctly, and some not, which is why I didn't notice. Thanks! – Duncan Macleod May 17 '12 at 17:28

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