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I have an iMac and my MacBook Pro is unable to connect to it through internet sharing.

Is there a way I can check whether my wireless card is working, or diagnose the problem in more depth? I have already tried the usual stuff: from re-creating the connection to wiping the PRAM.

How do you want to "connect"?

I want to share my iMacs internet connection.

What kind of connection are you even creating?

A straight forward Wifi connection using 128 WEP

Do you have shared folders that you want to access?


What IP addresses to the machines have?

the MacBook Pro is unable to attain an ip from the iMac, though it can see it.

Can the Macs ping each other via IP?


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I would suggest the following:

  • Switch the firewall off on both machines (if it was on) to see if it helps;
  • Try to connect using a different device to the shared connection (another computer, smartphone, iPad, etc.);
  • Use an open connection first (no password), before trying with WEP;
  • Reverse the roles of the two computers (i.e. try sharing the connection from the MBP to the iMac).

Also, more details might help (OS X version on the machines, whether you are trying to share a wired connection, installed software which might interact with the network connections, etc.)

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Turns out this was an apple bug with the driver, which they fixed in Mountain Lion

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