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I have a Dell Precision T5400, with a single graphics output port. In the box came a splitter to split it to two standard monitor cables. I have two monitors with DVI inputs, so I'd rather use those, but I'm unsure what splitter I should be looking for.

Essentially I need to get from this:

Current DVI(?) splitter

to two of these:

Monitor DVI plug

Can anyone tell me what I need to buy?

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That's a DMS-59.

DMS-59 is a 59-pin electrical connector generally used for computer video cards. It provides two DVI or VGA outputs in a single connector. An adapter cable is needed for conversion from DMS-59 (digital) to DVI (digital) or VGA (analog), and different types of adapter cables exist. The connector is four pins high and 15 pins wide, with a single pin missing from the bottom row, in a D-shaped shell, with thumbscrews.

As for adapters, a quick search for "DMS-59 to DVI":

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I don't think a standard DVI Splitter will work for your application. You need to have the same input and output video format. I would recommend converting the input to the same format that you have on your monitors and then use a splitter.

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If you plan on using a Splitter the DVI input and output connector types need to be the same. That is DVI-D Single or Dual link for both the inputs and outputs.

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