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I have a simple and pretty basic squid3 configurations in my home server. I use it in combination with Tor and Privoxy. I have defined privoxy as cache_peer in squid configuration and an access list containing URLs this way:

acl censored    dstdomain       "/home/me/censored.acl"
never_direct    allow   censored
cache_peer localhost            parent    8118     0  no-query no-digest name=privoxy
cache_peer_access       privoxy allow   censored

Gradually I add new URLs to the "censored.acl" file to be loaded via proxy and it works.

What I need is to make the process dynamic. For every request that goes to a blocked URL I have two lines of squid log:

1337354630.541    716 TCP_MISS/403 521 GET - DIRECT/ -
1337354630.614     24 TCP_HIT/000 0 GET - DIRECT/ -

The second line is always the same. Is there anyway that I can reload a request in squid according the the response? Or if the request followed by or redirected to another URL?

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