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I'm kind of surprised this is not easy, so I might be looking for the wrong thing.

I have a folder full of images that all have GPS location data embedded in them. I'd like to find an image viewer that makes it easy to view the image and a map of where the image was taken.

The problem I'm having is that when I search for it, I don't come up with much. Most of the hits are for geotagging your images rather than viewing the location of a geotagged image.

What should I be searching for? Or is there a go-to application for the desktop that everybody already knows you should be using to view geotagged images?

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Picasa does an OK job.. but i haven't found an amazing app yet..

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GeoSetter is an amazing free portable Windows app that has a fantastic user interface and shows your folder (and optionally subfolders) on a Map including Google Maps,, and MyTopo etc.

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