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According to the man page for links2 the number link mode is available only for the text-only version, not the graphic. Is there any way I can enable this mode on the graphic mode, short of editing the source?

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You're going to have to edit the source, I believe; there's actually a section starting on html_gr.c line 870, where some code has been commented out that would have introduced numbered links in graphical mode:

if (d_opt->num_links) {
  unsigned char s[64];
  unsigned char *fl =, *ft =, *fi = format.image;
  struct form_control *ff = format.form;
  struct js_event_spec *js = format.js_event; = = format.image = NULL;
  format.form = NULL;
  format.js_event = NULL;
  s[0] = '[';
  snzprint(s + 1, 62, p->link_num);
  strcat(cast_char s, "]");
  g_put_chars(p, s, strlen(cast_const_char s));
  if (ff && ff->type == FC_TEXTAREA) g_line_break(p);
  if (p->cx < par_format.leftmargin * G_HTML_MARGIN) p->cx = par_format.leftmargin * G_HTML_MARGIN; = fl, = ft, format.image = fi;  
  format.form = ff;
  format.js_event = js;

Merely uncommenting the code didn't work for me; and I didn't find any obvious solutions after playing around for a while.

Someone's going to have to get their hands dirty.

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