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What is the best freeware application which can remove red eye in images?

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Picasa will do this. Check out this tutorial.

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Red Eye Remover Pro does what it says on the tin :)

Red Eye Remover Pro is able to automatically detect and instantly correct red pupils in your photos.

The program lets you work with large collections of images at once, making batch red eye correction a snap! Everything you need to do is to load photos damaged by the red-eye effect into the program and the program will do the rest. To achieve the best result, you can adjust the correction options, watching the results in real-time.

alt text

Red Eye Remover Pro is freeware.

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This program seems to crash a lot if you load more than 50 photos... – Sakamoto Kazuma Sep 20 '09 at 2:23

GIMP does it quite well.

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FWIW, also Windows Live Photo Gallery (NOT the one installed with Vista, but the one downloaded from

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Faststone Image Viewer. It's free!

Please check out my post here.

Some screenshots of its red eye removal utility:

alt text

alt text

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