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I have an iPod touch. I am a java developer. Sometimes I just want to type out a few lines on my iPod while I'm waiting for something. Is there a java IDE app for iOS? I've looked around and have found one for python and another for php, but none for java.

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-2? Not sure why this is a bad question, but whatever. I just thought I'd ask. –  kentcdodds May 20 '12 at 20:23
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Apple has *never* accepted IDEs for iOS. I doubt any have been created except for IDA for iPhone, which technically isn't an IDE and was never released. Also, I highly doubt Apple would allow a Java IDE onto the store for many reasons:

  • Java API is closed source (most likely private API)
  • Java sucks
  • no debugging
    • not even with Mach-O ARM
  • signing
    • security hole to run unsigned
  • how would you get your binaries off the device?

Now on memory management, crashes are inevitable due to little RAM on the device. If crashes are inevitable then you need to save every line or so, people who don't know about RAM limits of the device would complain and give low review on the App Store that the developers cant do anything about. Also, when a crash does happen, a bug report is "compiled" by the kernel and submitted to the developers. With the amount of bug reports they would receive, they would most likely go out of business. Them going out of business means no updates. No updates means if it uses APIs that are removed in iOS 7, then it won't work anymore. Not working means people demanding their money back. Giving people their money back means the original developers go bankrupt. Them going bankrupt means they have no money. No money means they live on the streets. Them living on the streets means they starve. Starving means death. Therefore, if it ever did happen, you would be liable for third degree murder.

On a more serious note, the closest you can get is a port of an old version of the GNU Compiler Collection and GNUmake for jailbroken devices on saurik's Telephoriso(?) repository on Cydia, but that only works for C and C++

I highly recommend investing in a computer with at least 4GiB of RAM, an Intel processor, and a 64-bit Operating System (Windoz and Hackintosh for me).

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Or invest in an android device, AIDE is a surprisingly good (android not java) IDE running on android. –  Mattias Isegran Bergander May 20 '12 at 20:39
@MattiasMay (1) android runs java (2) java is crap (3) android is crap (including their horrid UI) (shivers; throws up;) –  Cole Johnson Nov 16 '12 at 19:17

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