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Is there a way to add a shortcut while dragging four fingers on the keyboard?

With Elan Smart Pad, my computer can perform certain tasks by a slip of the fingers on the pad (mac style).

The problem is that I can not set these gestures. I wish I could assign a custom shortcut to a certain gesture (eg "ctrl + right" when you slide four fingers on the right).

My goal is to switch desktops with gestures (with Deskpace Dexpot for example)

Concretely, how do I duplicate the functionality of an apple on windows (Four-Finger Swipe for Spaces)?

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I just found exactly what I needed!

This topic explains everything you need to do it. At least it worked with my Samsung NP700Z5C-S04


This method require to manipulate registry but it's not bad.. It works just fine.

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