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I'm attempting to install Xilisoft DVD Creator and my firewall (Comodo), or more specifically Defense+, alerts me that x-dvd-creator7.exe is trying to access *.exe (random program running in memory, unrelated to the installing program) in memory. I recieve the following message:

The parent application that is accessing the target application in memory will allow the parent application to fully control the target application. This is a common technique used by many legimate applications as well as various malware. If x-dvd-creator7.exe is one of your everyday applications, then you can allow this request.

What would be the reason (or technique) behind needing to access all executables running in memory? VLC was just a single instance of the installers requests to access the applications running in memory, it will iterate through every single program I have running. I'm just curious why a legitimate program (from an author I trust) would even care what about else was running. I could understand if it were an anti-debugging method (such as IsDebuggerPresent), but it's not. More over, it allows me to run a debugger (OllyDbg and WinDbg) without a problem.

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