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I have a sketch saved as .vsd file (made in visio 2007). How do I convert it to the .eps format to be used as LaTeX figure?

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This question doesn't belong to this site. Maybe google will help: – Marco Daniel May 19 '12 at 15:15
Open it in Visio and export it to EPS. Alternatively print it into a PDF file using a PDF pseudo-printer and use pdfcrop to crop it. You won't get far without Visio here. – Martin Scharrer May 19 '12 at 15:16
fyi, there is no export to EPS option in VISIO. – Nasser Feb 14 '14 at 6:15

You could use vsd2svg and Inkscape to turn VSD files into EPS:

vsd2svg example.vsd example.svg
inkscape -z -T -E example.eps example.svg

vsd2svg is available from Inkscape is available from

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I have a Visio 2013 and I just tried to save a quite simple diagram (flowchart) as SVG (possible in Visio itself) and then open it in Inkscape. Unfortunately, Inkscape does not show it correctly (captions misplaced etc.) – Andrey Sapegin Jan 7 at 17:46

Save the file as "EMF" -> Enhanced Metafile File in Visio. Visio -> Save As -> Enhanced Metafile File

Then download the metafile2eps.exe from here

Its a nifty piece of software, give the input emf file to it, and export as EPS ! Done !

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Unfortunately, it didn't worked good with a simple flowchart in Visio 2013 – Andrey Sapegin Jan 7 at 17:49

The easiest way is to save as a PDF, then use inkscape to convert it into ps

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Instead of convertion, which often corrupts my drawings, you can print it to EPS.

  1. Download PostScript printer driver, e.g. from Xerox
  2. Install it (run .exe), the add printer dialog will appear. Select Local Printert, then you will be offered to select printer port, select "FILE: Print to file" as a printer port.
  3. Print from Visio to EPS using this printer. While printing you will be asked fo a filename, enter something like C:\Users\User\Desktop\file.eps

Works like a charm!

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