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=IF(ISBLANK(S3);"";CONCATENATE(" UPDATE kkr_urunkredi ku
   SET ";IF(ISBLANK($A3);"";CONCATENATE(" ku.yatirimsuresi =''";$A3;"''"));"
       ku.kredikonu_kd  =''";$B3;"'',
       ku.kademeli_drm  ='";IF(S$2 <> $AJ2;H;E);"'
 WHERE ku.kkr_urun_kd =";S3;""))

There is a mistake here with the conditional IF(S$2 <> $AJ2;H;E). Does anyone have a solution?

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Apparently changing IF(S$2 <> $AJ2;H;E) to IF(S$2 <> $AJ2;"H";"E") fixed the issue.

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Don't forget to mark your answer as the solution @blgnklc. It helps the community – evan.bovie May 21 '12 at 20:01
@emb1995: An answer posted by the question author cannot be accepted until 48 hours after the question was asked. – bwDraco May 21 '12 at 21:05

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