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We came with a scenario where we have to use Shortcut file (.lnk), which is on the desktop, to execute an application for a headless device (i.e, without manual intervention).

Is there any way to execute it from Command prompt?

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If you use double quotes around your "long file names.lnk" and you have privvies, it will execute. Quotes are needed when spaces exist in LFN's.

E.g. "C:\Users\Sunny\Start Menu\Programs\XBMC\xbmc.lnk" opens up XBMC. The same is true for the Run box Win+R "path and filename.lnk", Enter

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START filename.lnk should do the trick

As long as there is no exe with the same name as the shortcut, you can omit the .lnk, so just START filename

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as long as the .lnk file is in the path environment for windows it will work. otherwise not. YOu can run any service using win+R start msiserver .. for example starts the Windows Installer service.. or any MS Console using run... xxx.msc (these are located in windows32 folder and in PATH) – Tony Stewart Jun 28 '12 at 4:33
Actually, in order to work I had to do START "Name of the new window" "filename.lnk". With only one arg START was just creating a new command line window named after the first parameter. See related on StackOverflow:… – Rafael Oliveira Sep 19 '13 at 15:44

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