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I'm looking for a way to delete all files of the Downloads folder with a shell script or applescript that is run on a daily/weekly basis and most importantly backs up all of the file details, except the data itself.

Deleting the files, and scheduling the script is not a problem, I could even do it with automator. The only part I really don't know how to do is the backing up of file details. I would like to backup the list of files with their details. Ideally it would be something like creating an alias for every file. To save a sort of browsable back-up without the data, just the file details.

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In a script:

cd ~/Downloads
ls - l * >> ~\backup.txt
rm -rf *`
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For deleting the contents of a file you could use:

sudo echo "" > filename.ext

Hopefully will this help you enough to continue.

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