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I'm working in MS Visio 2010. This is the relevant part of my ERD: ERD

The relationship between Event and Adventure is correct: there's a foreign key from Event to Adventure, and that FK is part of Event's primary key.

However, what I can't figure out is how to make the relationship line from Adventure to AccomodationType be the same, without making that relationship part of the PK of adventure. When I look at the 'Miscellaneous' properties of that relationship line, I want it to be:

  • Cardinality: Zero or more
  • Relationship type: Non-identifying
  • Child has parent: Not optional (mandatory)

But the checkbox for the third property is greyed out, and toggles between True/False as I make the relationship Non-identifying/Identifying.

The only way I could figure out was to disconnect the two columns, from the 'Definition' tab, which then un-grey's the 'Optional' checkbox, but then I lose the foreign key property on the accomType column, and while the relationship symbols are correct, the line remains dotted.

Any ideas, anyone?

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Visio automatically adds foreign key column when creating new relationship. To change mandatory of relationship just set required attribute of this column (In entity properies, tab columns).

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