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When scanning with nmap using the -O or -A flag, nmap tries to determine the OS of the target machine.

Putting the question of why you would want to scan your own machine for OS aside, running OS scan on your own machine renders the message

Skipping OS Scan against because it doesn't work against your own machine (localhost)

What is it that makes OS scan against your own machine impossible?

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Try using your IP Address instead. Localhost does not involve the entire network interface, and I would believe that nmap will work if you use your IP address instead...

See Why is there a difference between ping "localhost" and ping "local IP address"? for more details on why I believe Localhost won't work...

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The localhost text seems to be just boilerplate. It shows up regardless of how I address the target. It actually never occurred to me to scan "localhost". –  Zano May 22 '12 at 20:45

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