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I have looked all over for this one, and have only found answers for Windows 7 or people don't understand the problem. I have already disabled the screen saver and locking in power options How to disable screen lock in Windows 7?. I have also disabled the lock screen, but windows still locks the screen after a few minutes. This seems to be a "feature", and the old Windows 7 settings are being ignored. This is incredibly annoying when two people are sharing a workspace and only one has the password. I am considering downgrading solely because of this. I have managed to adapt to all the other changes, but this is becoming a deal breaker.

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Windows 8 CP is BETA software, do you really expect it to work 100% How can it be a deal breaker when it is only a BETA preview release? Wait for the final build of Windows 8 before you try to use it for anything but preview purposes. –  Moab May 22 '12 at 20:26
How would they know to fix a bug if there isn't public commentary. I have been unable to ask this question on Microsoft's own forum due to an unknown error while logging into the forum. I was hoping someone on here might have figure out a solution. Any one bug can be a deal breaker. My Hackintosh has horrible audio, so can't use it for movies, Ubuntu on my laptop wakes up while he lid is closed causing a mini Chernobyl in my backpack. All of these are deal breakers. The official channels have never worked for me. So I asked on here. This isn't wikipedia I can include an opinion. –  novaterata May 23 '12 at 23:37
I'm getting this too on my work Widnows 8 PC after I added the PC to the domain. My Windows 8 PC at home dosn't do this. –  user141658 Jun 22 '12 at 3:33

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