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I was searching for a simple software that encrypts given text using either PGP or GPG. The alternatives I have found so far are very complicated and hard to operate.

Are there any encryption programs that generates public and private key, encrypts/decrypts text given proper key?

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Gpg4win might be your best bet. Assemetric encryption is already a pretty complicated topic and would be pretty hard to dumb down any further. Still, it looks as if this particular software at least provides a GUI to navigate around in as opposed other command line tools like GnuPG.

The only downside I can see is they throw in a few extra added features that you may not use.

On the other side, if you don't require assemetric encryption, you can always use a WinZIP or WinRAR to encrypt as long as you use a strong password (at least 8 character, using numbers, upper, lower, special characters, etc)

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In the GNOME 2 builds that ship with GPG (such as Debian or Ubuntu) this is built-in; you just right-click the file and select "Encrypt..." and you are prompted to pick the public keys you wish to use.

I'm not sure which program provides this functionality, it's probably a plugin to nautilus.

You may have luck with GPGME (GPG Made Easy) which apparently has Win32 builds.

Please re-tag your question with the operating system you're interested in.

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