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I'm using Emacs 23 in a Debian GNU/Linux variant distribution. In a default Emacs session launched with emacs -q (to confirm the settings) I execute the following to setup the environment I would like:

 M-x toggle-truncate-lines <RET>
 M-x set-variable word-wrap t <RET>

I leave visual-line-mode set to whatever it's default is.

I would like to place these settings into my ~/.emacs file so that they are always active. I did this with the following:

(setq word-wrap t)
(setq-default truncate-lines nil)
(setq visual-line-mode nil)

However, these settings do not replicate the environment I would like. Long lines are not wrapped -- they extend beyond the right edge. If I then run M-x toggle-truncate-lines they wrap as I want, but not on word boundaries, so the word-wrap setting has also not taken effect. I also tried setting truncate-lines in ~/.emacs to t, but this made no difference. The documentation for truncate-lines reads as follows, so setting this variable to nil appears to be what I am looking for:

*Non-nil means do not display continuation lines.
Instead, give each line of text just one screen line.

I have not split any windows horizontally, so truncate-partial-width-windows does not apply.

How do I setup the environment I would like in ~/.emacs?

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if toggle-truncate-lines is given a negative argument, it allways switches truncating off.


(setq-default word-wrap t)
(toggle-truncate-lines -1)
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If you simply want to replicate the behavior of the function call toggle-truncate-lines, why not just do:


in your ~/.emacs file?

Of course, you can also put (setq word-wrap t) in there too, though I suspect you should do (setq-default word-wrap t), since variable word-wrap becomes buffer-local when set in any way.

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I have (toggle-truncate-lines) and (setq-default word-wrap t) in my ~/.emacs file. The word-wrap appears to be working. However, long lines extend beyond the right edge regardless of whether I have (toggle-truncate-lines) in my ~/.emacs or not. Truncating long lines is buffer-local I think? Maybe that's why including it in ~/.emacs is not having an effect. That's why I also tried (see question) to set (truncate-lines), which also didn't work. – SabreWolfy May 31 '12 at 5:16

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