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MS Word allows you to make nested lists:

- Fruit
    - Apples
    - Oranges
      - Sweet
        - Spain
        - Greece
      - Sour

If you have many long and nested lists, reading the list properly becomes confusing fast. Therefore, is it possible to, just like in Windows Explorer, get "guiding lines" between elements? To make myself clear, here's some badass ASCII art to show what I mean:

|-- Apples
|-- Oranges
    |-- Sweet
    |   |-- Spain
    |   |-- Greece
    |-- Sour

I really need this, so any hack that would create something like this is appreciated :-)

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Definitely not an answer to your question, but is a Hierarchy List (SmartArt) any use to you (if not for the above issue, maybe elsewhere) - or have you ruled that out already? –  pnuts Oct 10 '12 at 17:19

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