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Basically, that's what I'm looking for. I want an app that makes a live graph of the server's CPU and RAM usage. Is there anything like this?

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Orca is a tool useful for plotting arbitrary data from text files onto a directory on a Web server.

enter image description here

  • Configuration file based.
  • Reads white space separated data files.
  • Watches data files for updates and sleeps between reads.
  • Finds new files at specified times.
  • Remembers the last modification times for files so they do not have to be reread continuously.
  • Can plot the same type of data from different files into different or the same PNGs.
  • Different plots can be created based on the filename.
  • Parses the date from the text files.
  • Create arbitrary plots of data from different columns.
  • Ignore columns or use the same column in many plots.
  • Add or remove columns from plots without having to deleting RRDs.
  • Plot the results of arbitrary Perl expressions, including mathematical ones, using one or more columns.
  • Group multiple columns into a single plot using regular expressions on the column titles.
  • Creates an HTML tree of HTML files and PNG plots.
  • Creates an index of URL links listing all available targets.
  • Creates an index of URL links listing all different plot types.
  • No separate CGI set up required.
  • Can be run under cron or it can sleep itself waiting for file updates based on when the file was last updated.
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Munin will do it. Install munin-node on each machine you want to monitor, and setup a Munin server instance to collect and graph all the data.

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