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I like Eclipse a lot, but I would like some way to easily hide the scrollbars in the Eclipse editors. I have seen this eclipse bug here, but don't know what to make of it (if it has been solved, why do I still see the scrollbars?). I am aware of the fullscreen plugin, however I would like for the horizontal and vertical bars to be either always hidden, or even better automatically hidden when they are not needed. Does anyone know of a plugin or configuration file where I could set this? Thanks!

I would like to be able to do this in both Windows 7 and Ubuntu.

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If you by anychance were developing in Python, PyDev is a Python IDE/plugin for Eclipse that has an option to show/hide scrollbars in the (python) editor.

Go to Preferences > PyDev > Editor > Overview Ruler Minimap. There is an option Show vertical scrollbar? (see screenshot)

Refer to this answer to where is classical vertical scrollbar in eclipse

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For all mac users out there, you can change it in system preferences: Apple menu > System Preferences, then click General > Show scroll bars Select “Automatically based on mouse or trackpad.” i voila :)

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