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Asked on the Tortoise Forums but haven't received a reply :/

I've been using Tortoise SVN 1.6 for some time now and decided to upgrade. However, I've noticed after the upgrade, that while trying to commit changes the externals do not show up at all.

In version 1.6 if I've made a change in external file, I was not able to commit it, however I was able to review what changes I've done and, if they were sensible, commit them to external repository (by that I mean - copy given file / changes to the appropriate file in external repo, then commit given repo).

To recap:

A - repo
-B:external folder
--b.file - made changes
-C:external folder
--c.file - made changes

Trying to commit A doesn't display changes made in b.file, nor c.file, though these folders come up as changed in explorer. I can also commit them by right clicking each of these folders and then reviewing changes. It wouldn't be so bad if I had one external, however working with 10> and right clicking on each of them becomes a nuisance.

Is there an option I can enable for the commit to behave as in version 1.6?

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